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Painting The Roofs White

As society becomes increasingly concerned about conserving energy and protecting the environment, design and material aspects about our homes are bound to change. Many people have switched to energy-efficient CFL light bulbs, consistently turn off lights when they leave rooms, and throw away as little trash as possible. Expect another change to gain popularity. In efforts to combat global warming and reduce urban temperatures, white roofs are being found on more and more homes across the country. Read More 

Storing An Inventory Of Jewelry: How A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit Can Provide Protection

Are you looking for a place to store an inventory of jewelry for your home business? You may want to consider placing the jewelry in a climate-controlled self-storage unit to prevent the jewelry from getting damaged by moisture. Find out how your jewelry inventory will be protected in a climate-controlled self-storage unit and the amount of money you will spend on a rental. How Can a Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit Protect an Inventory of Jewelry? Read More 

How Your Business Can Attract New Customers

We all do it.  We might as well admit it.  We crave attention.  Not the detrimental kind that attracts Mr. or Ms. Wrong, but the beneficial kind that leads to a better future for all involved.  Businesses operate on much the same premise.  We want to attract paying customers who refer their friends to us after a positive encounter.  How can this be accomplished? All Flash and No Substance Wrong answer. Read More 

Moving The Facts: Most Common Misconceptions About Professional Moving Companies

The date is circled on the calendar in bright red and you have already started to pack up your belongings. However, you have been avoiding making a call to the local moving company unless you absolutely have no choice. Unfortunately, it sounds like you have already allowed a few of the most common misconceptions to get the best of your better judgement. As valuable as local movers are when you have to pack up your life and move it to a new location, it is easy to get the wrong idea and just try to go at it all alone. Read More 

A List Of The Best Drinks And Snacks To Provide Your Movers

When you have to pack up and move, you need your movers to work as quickly as possible. Movers are professionals and they are there to get the job done in a timely manner. But when it's hot out, they have lots of stairs to climb or something else comes into play that drains their energy, your movers might start slowing down by mid-afternoon. Part of the reason this happens is because when you sweat, your body loses electrolytes. Read More