Storing An Inventory Of Jewelry: How A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit Can Provide Protection

Are you looking for a place to store an inventory of jewelry for your home business? You may want to consider placing the jewelry in a climate-controlled self-storage unit to prevent the jewelry from getting damaged by moisture. Find out how your jewelry inventory will be protected in a climate-controlled self-storage unit and the amount of money you will spend on a rental.

How Can a Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit Protect an Inventory of Jewelry?

If you have a lot of jewelry in the inventory that is constructed of man-made materials or silver, a climate-controlled self-storage unit can prevent it from tarnishing. You must prevent the jewelry from exposure to a lot of moisture because moisture is the main way it will end up with damage. You can set the temperature to prevent too much heat from producing moisture in the unit.

You jewelry will also have protection from bad weather conditions like a lot of rain. In a regular storage unit, it is possible for rainwater to seep underneath the door. However, climate-controlled units are usually located in an actual building with no contact with the outside environment. The environment inside the storage unit will remain the same until you decide to reset the temperature.

How Much Money Is Necessary for a Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit Rental?

The price of a climate-controlled self-storage unit rental will depend on what size is needed for your inventory of jewelry. Keep in mind that the type of security provided for the unit will also play a role how much you will have to spend. If you don't have a lot of jewelry, you can opt of a small unit. However, it is a good idea to invest in one that is at least 10x20 feet so you can have room to store more inventory as your business grows.

You can expect a 10x20 foot storage unit to run an average of $170 and $180 per month. You can rent the unit for as long as it is needed. Just make sure the monthly bill is paid on time to avoid the possibility of losing your jewelry to the owner of the facility. Neglected storage units usually lead to the items inside being auctioned off to the public.

Keep your inventory of jewelry safely storage away without taking up too much space in your home. Invest in a climate-controlled storage unit at a place like Pier 40 Self Storage to meet all of your needs!