How Your Business Can Attract New Customers

We all do it.  We might as well admit it.  We crave attention.  Not the detrimental kind that attracts Mr. or Ms. Wrong, but the beneficial kind that leads to a better future for all involved.  Businesses operate on much the same premise.  We want to attract paying customers who refer their friends to us after a positive encounter.  How can this be accomplished?

All Flash and No Substance

Wrong answer.  Just as a successful relationship or job interview starts with a solid history of experience and maturity, a business needs to know who they are and what they can uniquely offer to potential customers.  Having a sample of your food product is only a good idea if it happens to be exceptionally tasty.  Define what the best thing you do is before you invite scrutiny.

Casting the Net

Consider who already frequents your business.  The next step is figuring out who is missing. Is it the local residents who ignore your coffee shop on a daily basis?  Is it the highway traffic who miss your exit because they do not know your location?  Check local ordinances for signage limitations, then purchase an appropriate, attractive banner to place in a prominent location.

Special Events

Everybody likes to celebrate.  Give new customers a reason to celebrate with you when you receive industry recognition.  So you won an award for the best new product or your restaurant has a new chef?  Invite potential clients to enjoy a discount in honor of achievements.  Inexpensive vinyl signs (from companies like Mission Signs) are available to get your message out in living color. 

Do remember that less is more when it comes to communicating.  Tell them what they need to know and nothing else.  Attention spans quickly diminish when too much information is offered.

Life Stages Matter

If you just incorporated yesterday, the odds are that you need to get your name out first.  A commercial sign large enough to advertise your name and type of service offered will increase name/brand recognition.

Fifty-year-old neighborhood businesses have a different perspective.  Everyone around knows your name and reputation.  The challenge is letting potential customers know why you are still relevant. 

Getting the wrong kind of attention is never a good idea.  Therefore, your goal is to attract as much positive attention as possible.  Utilize a one-time special event sign or a durable multipurpose banner for your circumstances.  Let customers know who and where you are and why they should get to know you better.