Funeral Vs. Wake – Which Is Right For You?

When planning a memorial service for a loved one, it can be hard to decide how to honor the person's memory while meeting the needs of those who attend. Many families and friends today are opting for a less traditional service in the form of a wake. The wake itself varies wildly depending on the people and culture involved, but it usually includes gathering shortly after the death and spending time with other mourners while keeping vigil over the deceased's body. Read More 

4 Ways To Secure Your Retail Property

If you own and operate retail property, such as a gift shop or clothing store, you want to keep your items and your building safe. Unfortunately, with this type of business, you are at risk of theft, shoplifting, and vandalism. Here are some tips to improve the security of your property during and after operating hours. Get Surveillance Cameras The first thing you can do to protect your retail property is install surveillance cameras. Read More 

Avoid Downtime And Encourage Efficiency - Preparing For Your Office Move

Preparing to move your office's location can be a very exciting time. Often, it needs to be done because your company is expanding and you need the extra room to handle new employees that will serve new clients. For the existing employees, however, the process of moving can introduce stress while trying to avoid having to limit your services as equipment and furniture are moved. Below, you'll find a guide to preparing for an office move. Read More 

Why The Church Requires Premarital Counseling

It isn't uncommon for couples in a hurry to wed to be disappointed to learn that their pastor requires premarital counseling. You may feel that your relationship is absolutely solid, and couples' counseling is a waste of your time, but many of life's trials are unfathomable until you've lived through them. Here are two reasons your pastor might require premarital counseling before officiating your wedding. Getting Ahead of Common Disagreements Read More 

3 Ways To Make Moving Fun In Your House

Moving isn't always something everyone enjoys participating in; it's fun to get a new house, but in order to get there, you have to pack, lift, stack, and move all your worldly possessions. If you're struggling to get motivated, it's time to make your move into a game that you'll love playing. Here are three ways you can make your move more fun.  It's All About Timing One fun way to pack more is to do so in short bursts. Read More