4 Ways To Secure Your Retail Property

If you own and operate retail property, such as a gift shop or clothing store, you want to keep your items and your building safe. Unfortunately, with this type of business, you are at risk of theft, shoplifting, and vandalism. Here are some tips to improve the security of your property during and after operating hours.

Get Surveillance Cameras

The first thing you can do to protect your retail property is install surveillance cameras. This not only lets you keep an eye on different parts of your store to hopefully prevent theft from occurring, but they might also deter criminals. Make it known that you have cameras so that thieves won't even bother stealing from you. Even if they do, you should hopefully get them on camera so police can identify them. Keep them in areas of your store most at risk, such as cash registers, front and back doors, and in areas of the store where you keep the safe or extra merchandise.

Install Electronic Locks

You might also want to replace your current locks with high-security locks. High-security deadbolts are a good idea, but electronic locks are often better. Criminals won't be able to pick this type of lock, and only people with the electronic code can enter your business. This not only keeps criminals out, but it can restrict entrance to the store for your employees. If you have a new employee, you might not want to give them full access until you can trust them. Not only should you choose electronic codes that would be impossible for someone to guess, but you should also change them often.

Have an Alarm System

Alarm systems should be used in conjunction with surveillance equipment in your retail store. The alarm system should hopefully scare off criminals since the alarm alerts local police, and they have a better chance at being caught. Some criminals see signs on your door that you have an alarm, and won't steal or vandalize from you. Others might not be able to get away in time if the alarm sound. You can also add motion detectors near the doors of your building to deter people from coming too close after hours.

Pay for On-Site Security

On-site security is for stores with high-priced merchandise that might be at a greater risk of theft, such as expensive antiques or fine jewelry. In this case, it is a good idea to hire a security guard who either remains by the entrance of the store, or who walks around the parking lot continuously to look for any suspicious behavior. They can also stand in front of the store after hours to keep people away from the store.

For more information on commercial security systems, talk to a professional.