Avoid Downtime And Encourage Efficiency - Preparing For Your Office Move

Preparing to move your office's location can be a very exciting time. Often, it needs to be done because your company is expanding and you need the extra room to handle new employees that will serve new clients. For the existing employees, however, the process of moving can introduce stress while trying to avoid having to limit your services as equipment and furniture are moved.

Below, you'll find a guide to preparing for an office move. By following these suggestions, you can stay up and running for as long as possible and get up to speed at your new location very quickly. This will allow you to enjoy a seamless transition and will let your customers know that they've made the right choice in staying with your expanding firm.

IT Coordination

Perhaps the most delicate system of any in an office is the information technology equipment. The modern economy demands that your IT department is both the heart and brain of your daily operations, and you need to schedule its movement precisely in order to stay fully functional.

Several weeks out from your move, you should coordinate with your IT director to determine which equipment can be moved early and which is vital for day-to-day operations. You may even discuss the possibility of temporarily renting server racks or having employees use their personal computers as stop gaps before you're fully established at your new location.

Employee Orientation

One of the most important steps you can take in an office move is making sure your employees know what to do at your new location. Having employees wandering around aimlessly and staking claim to a random work space can be the beginnings of an efficiency disaster.

You should conduct a series of meetings in the run up to the move where you fully lay out the game plan for the new space. This will allow all involved to feel informed and included, and should cut down significantly on confusion and disorientation when the time comes.

Accurate Labeling

It's very difficult for your packing service to know where to deliver a box to if you don't have the box adequately labeled. It's vitally important that, when you're packing things up at your old work space, you label the boxes as clearly and thoroughly as possible. Consider listing not only the number of the office destination but also even the contents of the box, as doing so will also go a long way in helping your packing company determine how to sort the moving loads.

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