Four Things A Tag And Title Services Company Can Do For You

There are many reasons you may need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles, and like many people, you may cringe at the thought of it. The lines are usually long, and the time you spend there is unacceptable. However, there are tag and title service businesses that can spare you the aggravation of visiting the DMV. The following are just a few services they provide.

They can transfer a car title

If you have just purchased a car from a private seller and have had the title signed over to you, then you will still need to have a new title issued in your name. Likewise, if you want to transfer a title from your name to your child's name, you can also do this without going to the DMV. What applies to a title transfer also applies to obtaining a duplicate copy. Although you should keep your title in a safe place, there are still a few reasons it can go missing, but there is no reason you need to stand in line at the DMV to get a copy.

They can renew your car's registration

In many states, you can now do this by mail. But if you find that you have put it off for too long, you may be required to renew it in person. Or perhaps you don't think the DMV will get the renewal paperwork in time, and you will be charged a late fee. In the latter case, this service will likely save you money by renewing on time, and in either case, you will not waste your time standing in line at the DMV.

They can verify your car's VIN number

Depending upon the state you live in, you may need a VIN inspection when you are changing your registration from the state you previously lived in to the state you now reside in. The inspection can be done without a DMV inspection, and a certificate of this inspection can be issued as well.

They can order new license plates

If you have bought or sold a car recently, you may need new license plates. It depends upon the state where you live. In some states, after a sale, the plates follow the car. But if you live in a state where the plates follow the owner, you will need new plates after a private purchase. You can bypass the DMV by using a tag service business. Also, many of the companies can order vanity plates for you and update your registration.

Tag and title companies can save you time, but they don't all provide a full range of services, so you need to inquire about your specific needs. And like most businesses, there is a range of prices for their services, so you need to make sure to request quotations from several companies.

For more information, reach out to a tag and title service near you.