4 Advantages Of Using Custom Packing And Crating

Presentable packing creates an impression on your clients, particularly when it is reusable. As the shipping and logistics industry moves to become eco-friendly, the role of one-time wooden crates is being reconsidered. Beautifully designed, reusable custom crates enable brands to recycle them, a win-win for both the original crate owner and the clients. Custom packing and crating are advantageous in several ways:

1. Custom Sizes

One size fits all crates waste space when you are shipping items of different sizes or shapes. There is a risk of equipment damage when you use oversized crates. The item will have too much play and knock against the sides of the crate, which can knock sensitive components out of sync.

Custom industrial packing and crating take into account the size of each item to ship. The items fit snugly because the crate is made to fit. It works well for large but sensitive equipment like medical machines.

2. Extra Protection

Standard crates have little or no insulation, making them ill-fitted to ship items vulnerable to electromagnetic fields. Custom crating can have inner insulation and padding for protection against shock and static charges.

Some industries also require custom packaging and crating to protect items that will be used for human health.  For example, the medical industry has standards on the shipping and storage of sensitive medical equipment because miscalibration can be dangerous to human health.

3. Brand Visibility

Custom packing and crating material can be useful in promoting brand awareness. You can emboss your logo on packaging material and shipping crates in a way that stands out and catches the eye. The brand gets visual engagement every time the packages and crates are on the move.

Reusable packaging and crating works even better for brand awareness. Your branding will be in circulation for longer. In addition, when your clients use your reusable crates, curious end customers might call you directly and create new business opportunities.

4. Cost Efficiency

Standard crates are inefficient in space utilization, which translates into cost inefficiency.  But custom packing and crating allow optimal space utilization. As a result, there is no space wastage in the shipping container.

Customer crates can also be made of materials other than standard wood.  You can choose the material depending on the level of protection and value of the item you are shipping. For example, fragile electronics can ship in insulated crates. Cost-effective materials include heavy-duty plastics and composite materials.

Are you looking for ways to make your shipped items more presentable?  Consider investing in well-designed custom packaging and crating that represents your brand.

For more information about packing and crating, contact a packaging business in your area.