Your Questions Answered About Well Pumps

A well pump is one of the most important parts that must be installed to access groundwater, and things can go wrong when the pump is problematic. However, because there are other parts installed with a pump to access groundwater via a well, it could be difficult for a homeowner to pinpoint problems when they arise. It can also be difficult to determine if a well pump should be replaced or if it is possible to make repairs, which is why hiring a professional is wise. Even when a well pump or other part isn't problematic, it is wise to get the entire well system serviced. In this article, find answers to questions that indicate you might need well pump services.

Why Does the Pressure Tank Make Noise?

When a pressure tank begins to make noise, it can be a sign that a well pump is problematic or at risk of becoming problematic. Basically, when a pressure tank is noisy, it is usually the result of the bladder leaking air into the tank. When a bladder leaks air into the tank, it can lead to the pressure switch on the tank making clicking noises. When the pressure switch begins to making clicking noises, it usually means that the well pump is stopping and starting on a constant basis. The constant stopping and starting can cause the well pump and motor to wear down in an untimely manner.

Can a Bad Well Pump Affect Water Pressure?

A bad well pump is one of the problems that can lead to the water pressure fluctuating in a house, but other parts can be the root of the problem as well. For example, if a well pump is getting weaker due to the motor going out, the amount of groundwater that it is able to send into a house can decrease. The pump can basically cause water pressure to go up and down until the well pump finally stops functioning, which is when a new pump might be needed. However, you should understand that clogged plumbing lines can have an effect on water pressure levels as well. Pressure tank issues can also have an impact on the water pressure levels.

What Causes Water to Stop Flowing Out of Faucets?

A well pump that has stopped working can cause water to stop coming out of faucets, but it can also be other parts that are malfunctioning. In some cases, it isn't that a well pump has stopped working, but that there isn't enough groundwater for the pump to send to your house. In such a case, you will need to hire a professional to either repair the pump or find a different location to install the pump so it can have access to an aquifer that has water in it.