Tips When Ordering Wall Calendars For A Project

Wall calendars are a staple item around the office. They let people keep track of the days and work well as promotional products. If you plan on ordering a large group of wall calendars, these tips will keep you from having issues.

Decide Between Custom and Standard Printing

Wall calendars can be customized in terms of the prints they feature, or you can just order a standard calendar that a supplier already has in stock. Look at the calendar project and the method that's going to give you the least amount of trouble. 

If you're handing these calendars out as corporate gifts, then customizing them may be the best way to add some personalization. Whereas if you just need calendars around the office, ordering a standard set will let you get the order a lot faster because no customization will be required.

Make Sure Printing Technology is Good

Whether you go with custom or standard wall calendars for a project, it's your job to carefully look at the printing technology that the company will be using to produce your order. What sort of equipment are they going to use and what type of print quality does it offer?

You should have a consultation period with the printing company to get to know more about their printing services. It really helps to see print examples on actual calendars too, so that you end up working with a skilled printing company. 

Verify Shipping Procedures Prevent Damage

Once your wall calendar order is ready, the company will ship it using certain procedures. Looking over them carefully is the best way to prevent shipping problems from causing damage. That would leave a bad taste in your mouth, as you will expect the wall calendars to show up in perfect condition.

The calendar printing company needs to package the calendars using industry-standard materials, such as cardboard backing. Then your calendars won't be subject to folding and ripping. Protective slips are also important for protecting the front and back portions of your wall calendars during shipping.

Wall calendars are great for many different projects, whether it's promotional products to be handed out at conventions, or just office gifts that are given during Christmas parties. As long as you put in some real effort in choosing these calendars, and potentially customizing them, you can have a successful project with calendars that look nice. 

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