Pizza Restaurants: Increasing Topping Preparation With A Knife Sharpener

Preparing pizza toppings is a delicate process that requires, speed, precision, and attention to detail. Having perfectly sliced pizza toppings can make a big difference between enjoying a great piece of pizza and doing a little too much chewing between each bite. As a pizza restaurant owner, you want your chefs to have best meal preparation options for the toppings. Instead of purchasing a new set of knives every week, you can make the process go a lot easier by purchasing a knife sharpener. Knife sharpeners have features and details that can make pizza topping preparation go a lot more quickly and smoothly.

Knife Sharpening Process

Professional stainless steel knife sharpeners typically feature a two or three part process to transform dull knives into sharp ones. The first two stages will sharpen the knife to create sharp edges at a steep angle. The third stage in the process completes the sharpening by smoothing out the edges and ensuring that the knife has a smooth cut. This process can work with all types of pizza knives and provide your kitchen with sharp cutting tools.

Thick Toppings

Using a knife sharpener is ideal for preparing thick pizza toppings in your restaurant. For example, you can easily cut through thick peppers or large sausage links to create evenly cut toppings for the pizzas. The process is sped up when the knife slides through the toppings instead of getting jammed up or forced through. This process also makes it a lot easier on the hands. You can avoid hand aches or struggles by using a knife that is sharp enough to easily cut foods.

Thin Slices

The precision of a sharpened knife also allows you to create thin cut pizza toppings. For example, if you cut your own pepperoni, then  sharp knife allows you to cut the pepperoni as thin as you need. Razor sharp blades can reach the end of the pepperoni stick and will not squish the food down as you apply pressure. The sharpened knife will simply cut through the food. This also makes it easier to make thin slices on soft pizza toppings. For example, a sharpened knife can cut through a mushroom easily without pushing down on the top or breaking pieces off. This can help create consistent topping slices for an evenly laid out and delicious looking pizza.

Purchasing a knife sharpener, like The Block Sharpener, can create instant results in your kitchen. Adding knife sharpening to the weekly tasks can ensure that the knifes stay finely sharpened in your kitchen environment.