3 Reasons To Select Your Own Casket When Making Your Will

When you are writing a will or preparing for your death by arranging your funeral in advance, one of the major things you should consider is which casket you would like to be buried in. While many people arrange where they would like to be buried and what type of funeral ceremony they would like, it is common to not go into detail about the type of casket you would prefer. However, there are several reasons why you should select a casket before your death. 

Your Loved Ones Will Not Have to Make Decisions at a Difficult Time 

One of the main reasons for planning your funeral before your death is to take the burden off of your loved ones when they are in a vulnerable state of grief. Even if you have made most of the other arrangements, selecting a casket can be a difficult decision for a family member because it can be seen as your eternal resting place. Many family members may be pressured into spending more money than they have by the thought that you would want a fancier casket than you actually do. By selecting a casket ahead of time, you save them from making this important choice. 

Your Morals and Values Will Be Respected 

Perhaps you do not support animal cruelty, so you want to make sure you select a casket without ivory inlays or leather interior features. Alternatively, if you do not use plastics, you want to make sure that you choose an all metal or all wood casket. These are features that you can make sure to look for that family members might forget when they are selecting a casket for you. 

You Will Have a Casket that Represents You 

Caskets have progressed beyond the traditional, somber look. They come in a variety of colors and can even have custom pictures installed on the interior or exterior of the casket. By selecting your casket ahead of time, you can choose one that represents you and that will give your friends and family members fond memories of you at your funeral. 

If you want to select your casket ahead of time, you have several options. You can purchase a model ahead of time directly from a supplier like Elmwood Casket Company or from your funeral home. Alternatively, you can simply print out examples of the caskets you approve of to help limit choices but still allow your family members to make some decisions.