Storing Your Kids’ Nerf Guns As An Investment

Nerf guns are toys that many boys and girls love to have. Did you realize that some of those Nerf guns can increase in value over the years? The truth is, some of those guns will sell for much more if you were to store them away after your kids are done with them and keep them until your kids are grown. If you store the gun properly, they will remain in perfectly good working condition for many years and could become quite valuable down the road. Here, you will learn how to prepare, pack and store the Nerf guns to protect them for the next several years.


Before you store the guns away, you want to clean them, dry them and lube up the spring inside.

  1. Fill a bucket with hot water and add a tablespoon or so of liquid dish soap. Dip a cleaning cloth into the water and wring it out very well. You want the cloth to be damp, not sopping wet so that the water doesn't drip inside too much.
  2. Now, set the guns out to dry. You can do this by laying them on a sheet in the sun or on the floor in your home with a fan blowing on them.
  3. Lubricate the spring in spring-action guns by slipping the straw-tip of WD-40 into the crack where the spring is located. Spray just enough to coat the spring to keep it from rusting while being stored.


How you pack the guns will determine how well they weather the years. You don't want them loose in a box rubbing against each other as you transport them and store them.

  1. Find boxes that are large enough to fit several of the guns, as well as some extra boxes to cut up.
  2. Cut up the extra boxes to form dividers inside the boxes.
  3. Lay the first gun on the bottom of the box and slide a piece of cardboard beside it.
  4. Lay the next gun in place.
  5. Continue until you have a complete layer on the bottom of the box and then cover all of those guns with another sheet of cardboard to stack the next level of guns on.
  6. Repeat until the box is filled, but don't make it so heavy that it is hard to carry.


Planning to store something for several months or years requires a climate-controlled environment. Climate-controlled storage facilities maintain a regulated temperature and humidity level to ensure that the contents stored within aren't damaged by heat and humidity. Failure to utilize a climate-controlled unit could result in Nerf guns that have rusty springs, fragile plastic and are no longer as valuable as you would hope.

Once you have the storage unit, don't store the boxes of guns directly on the floor. The boxes will wick up any moisture in the floor and could damage the gun. Instead, place the boxes on shelves or on wood pallets.

There are many of your kids' toys that could increase in value over the years. Think about what you played with when you were a child, take a minute and look some of those items up on Ebay and you will see that if you had held onto your favorite toys until today, you would have a nice sum of cash if you were to sell them.