Four Tree Removal Waste Projects To Cut Costs And Reduce The Mess

Wooded areas often have trees around homes, which can be a hazard to people and property. When a tree on your property becomes a danger, having it removed is something that you will need to have done. The removal is only part of the work that will need to be done. Once the tree is cut down, you will also have to deal with the waste. This can be costly if you have it hauled off and disposed of. You may want to deal with some of the waste yourself. Here are some projects to make use of tree waste:

1. Mulching Small Trimmings Into Compost For The Garden

The biggest mess you will have when removing a tree is the small leafy trimmings. These materials are not useful for many things, but they can be ground into smaller materials. This waste can then be added to a compost bin for garden soil. The tree waste will not decompose as quickly as other organic materials, so you will want to add to it. Coffee grains can be a great material to use to speed up the process.

2. Chipping Large Branches Into Landscape Cover To Use Around Your Home

Large branches may not be ideal for compost and may be too small for other uses. These materials can be broken down with a chipper to make landscaping ground cover. This can be a good solution for flower beds and other areas of landscaping design. When you use this material, use a weed barrier beneath it and spray it with an insect treatment.

3. Creating Lumber And Timbers With Large Timbers That Are Left Behind

The larger materials can be a great resource for lumber and timbers. If you want to have lumber, you can mill the material with a chainsaw. Another option is to create large timbers for landscaping design. This can be a great solution for borders along paths and flowerbeds. It is important that you debark the wood, which will help keep it dry and delay decay.

4. Building Unique Outdoor Furniture With Logs And Materials From Tree Removal

You may not want to do a lot of work with the waste left over from a tree removal. One option is to cut it into firewood and burn it. If you do not use firewood, you can also cut the logs and branches into simple garden furniture. You can use large logs to create benches and tables for areas of your garden.

These are some projects that you may want to consider to deal with your tree removal waste. If you have removal waste to deal with, contact an equipment rental service, like LAX Equipment Rental, to get the tools you need for these projects.