Five Good Reasons For Not Skipping That Furnace Maintenance Call

If you're short on funds this season, it might seem like a good idea to forego having the furnace technician out for that annual maintenance call. After all, your furnace was fine last season. However, skipping that seasonal maintenance call can actually end up costing you more money before the winter weather season is over.

Why you don't want to skip that furnace maintenance call

1. A dirty furnace can cost your system to fail. A furnace clogged with dust shortens the life of your heating system. A dirty furnace makes the motor have to work harder to push air through a layer of dust. The harder the motor has to work, the shorter its lifespan.

2. You might void your manufacturer's warranty. Most heating system warranties require that you keep up with the recommended system maintenance as outlined in the warranty document. That usually means having your system cleaned and serviced at the beginning of each season. Fail to do this and you may find yourself footing the bill if your system breaks down, even if it's during the warranty period.

3. You'll spend more on energy. As we mentioned earlier, a dirty furnace uses more natural gas or electricity, since the system has to work harder to push heated air through a layer of dust and debris. When the motor works harder, it needs more energy to fuel it, thus costing you more in your monthly utility bills.

4. You'll catch potential repairs early. By having a heating technician inspect your furnace at the beginning of each season, he or she is more likely to identify any potential trouble spots, saving you from having to spend extra for an emergency repair in the middle of winter and having to go without heat while you wait for the repair.

5. You'll help keep your family safe. Forced air, natural gas furnaces produce combustion gases, including carbon monoxide, as they produce heated air. These gases are safely funneled via a vent to the exterior of your home. By having your furnace maintained regularly, the technician will be able to catch any potential cracks in the heat exchanger or venting system, thereby helping to keep these dangerous gases out of your family's living spaces.

While it may seem like a good way to save a little money, delaying that annual furnace maintenance call (to companies like Air Conditioning & Heating Inc) can cost you more in energy bills, shorten the life of your heating system and even void your manufacturer's warranty.