Three Tips For Cleaning Your Child’s Bedroom Carpet

Between orange juice spills, dabs of glue, and dirty footprints, the carpets in kids' bedrooms can take quite a beating. If you want your carpet to stand a chance of lasting through your child's childhood, then having it cleaned regularly is essential. Whether you choose to tackle this job yourself with a portable carpet shampooer, or have the carpet steam-cleaned by a professional, keep these tips in mind for success.

Keep your child out of the room until the carpet is completely dry.

Your child is going to want to go back into his or her room to get toys, or even to just see how the cleaned carpet looks. Make sure you keep them from doing this! If your child walks on the carpet with dirty feet, all of that dirt will stick to the carpet, and you'll be right back where you started. They will also mat down the damp carpet, potentially harming its appearance once it dries.

Minimize your child's desire to go into the room with damp carpet by getting everything they need out of the room before shampooing begins. This includes clothes for the next 2 days, along with toys and schoolwork.

Consider having the carpet sprayed with a stain guard.

If the carpet is still in decent shape, consider having it coated with a protectant sealer. These compounds are sprayed onto the carpet; they coat its fibers, and they keep spilled liquids from being absorbed, thus preventing future stains. The downside is that the protectant may take an extra day or two to set and dry. Consider having it applied while your child is staying at a friend's house or their grandparents' place.

Make sure the cleaner used is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Kids spend a lot of time playing on their floors, so it's essential that whatever carpet shampoo is used will not irritate their skin. If you're shampooing the carpet yourself, look for a cleaner that is labeled "natural" or "child-safe." If you're hiring a professional to steam clean the carpet, ask that they use the mildest, safest detergent possible. If your child is prone to eczema or contact dermatitis, you may wish to have the carpet cleaned with plain, hot water rather than risk a reaction to a shampoo.

Generally, carpets should be cleaned every year to keep the debris from piling up to the point that it begins damaging the fibers. When your child is young and messy, you may want to clean the carpet every 6 months, just to be thorough. If you're on a budget, consider shampooing the carpet yourself once a year, and alternating this with professional cleanings. With the tips above, you can do a thorough, safe job. Contact a company like H & L Janitorial Service for more information.