Three Factors That Are Taken Into Consideration When Custom Packaging Is Created For Your Company

When you have an item that you want to be able to sell to the masses online or by phone, you need to be able to properly package the item so that it stays safe during shipment. It can be hard to know what options are available to you when it comes to your shipping choices. Fortunately, you can hire a packaging company to come to you to walk you through the options that are available. The following guide walks you through the factors that are taken into consideration when a packaging company (such as helps you create the right custom packaging for your product.


The sizes of the items you plan to ship need to be taken into consideration. The larger the item is, the larger the shipping container has to be, which could impact the type of material that is used to make the shipping containers you need. If you need varying sizes of shipping containers, it is important to let the company know right away so that they can create a custom selection for you.


If items are fragile, they need to be protectively secured inside of the packaging to ensure that they are not damaged during shipment. Packing peanuts, tissue paper, and bubble wrap are all possible protective solutions that can be used. The company will take the time to determine which option offers your items the specific protection needed to keep them from breaking during shipment.

Temperature Requirements

There are certain items that need to be kept at a consistent temperature during shipment in order for them to arrive the way they are designed to arrive. If you are shipping ice cream or other types of food, you may need to ship them with dry ice in the packaging to keep them from spoiling or melting before arrival. The company will help you learn what options you have available to you to regulate the temperature inside of the packages you plan to ship.

Once all of these factors are taken into consideration, the company can come up with the perfect packaging solution for you. You can order mass quantities of the items you need to ensure that you are able to ship the orders as soon as they come in. When you start to get low on supplies, the company will have your business information on file so that they can order all of the supplies you need quickly and easily.