Two Boat Storage Questions Answered

Storing a boat during the winter months is a routine that most boat owners will have to do at some point or another. However, many people make the mistake of assuming that this is a simple process, but if it is done incorrectly, it can result in substantial damage to the boat. Unfortunately, some people do not have a basic understanding of boat storage, and this can make them far more likely to accidentally damage the boat. By knowing the following questions and answers, you should find yourself in a far better position to make smart choices when storing your boat for the long winter. 

Does It Matter If The Boat Is Stored Outside?

A common misconception is that boats must be stored inside to avoid damaging them. While this is the preferred way to store a boat, it is not always a practical option. Luckily, boats are more than able to withstand being stored outside, but there are a couple of extra steps you will need to take to protect it against damage. 

The first step you will need to do is wrap the boat in a waterproof cover. This will help prevent the electronics from being damaged by overexposure to moisture. Also, you will need to apply a protective finish to the exterior of the hull to help prevent it from developing mildew, which can permanently discolor this part of your boat. 

Why Should You Remove The Battery?

Some boat owners may find it odd that they are advised to remove the battery before storing the boat for long periods of time. Considering that it will not be used, many people may struggle to see the benefit of this step. However, it should be noted that batteries can corrode over the course of time. This corrosion can eventually cause the battery to start leaking harsh acids, which can severely damage components they come into contact with. 

After removing the battery, you will need to store it in a dark, dry place. Humidity can cause a battery to lose its charge, and if you do not have a climate-controlled storage unit, you should place a dehumidifier in the room where you will keep the battery. By removing this excess moisture from the surrounding air, you can minimize the chances that the battery encounters problems when you take the boat out of storage. 

Properly storing your boat during the winter can dramatically reduce the chances that you will have to pay for expensive repairs before you can use your boat again. Understanding these common storage questions and answers will help you keep your boat safe from these problems during the long months of storage. Talk to a storage facility, like Home Port Self Storage, for more information and tips about how to store your boat.