How To Personalize Your Office Using Furniture And Art

When you walk into an office, it can often feel impersonal and interchangeable. However, with a few touches you can transform your office to make it reflect your individual tastes. Here are two types of offices and how you can create an office around that style that reflects who you are.


Modern offices are exemplified by clean lines and high contrast colors. Many modern offices tend to feel cold and disconnected to the average person because of this. Nevertheless, you can make some changes to your office to make it feel more comfortable and personalized.

  • Use photography or other art. Find photos and artwork that emphasizes color and contrast to draw in some warmth to your office. You don't want to have your walls be completely filled with art, but several large pieces can make a wall look friendly without it looking cluttered.
  • Tweak your desk. Where possible, look at getting a different desk. Many modern desks are built without privacy panels. Nevertheless, you can get desks with beautiful, clean lines and a privacy panel. This will help keep your office looking clean because you will be able to use your desk for storage. Another option would be to choose a warmer colored desk. Instead of a solid black or white desk, look at a blonde wood or a deep mahogany desk. These bring a natural warmth to the room without messing up the feel.
  • Change your chairs. Find some leather chairs with clean lines and comfortable cushions. These will allow people to feel like they are wanted in your office.


While many offices have moved to a modern style, there are industries that expect a more traditional Provence style of office. These are characterized by meticulous craftsmanship and antique finishes. They are beautiful, but they may not match with your personal style. Nevertheless, you can still make your office personalized with a few steps

  • Update your colors. Provence furniture looks amazing with any number of colors. Additionally, it can work with paintings from any number of different styles from impressionist to realist. By adding some beautiful artwork, you add a lot of personality to your office.
  • Get some additional pieces. Get some beautiful bookshelves to hold your books or a stunning lateral file for your paperwork. Provence furniture is made to be shown off and by keeping your office neat and tidy, you will be showing every detail of these beautiful pieces.

As you move into your new office, you can visit this site to find pieces that match your style and decorate accordingly so that you will enjoy the time you spend there more fully!