Things To Remember When Carrying Out A Commercial Generator System Installation

Even if it doesn't happen often, you want your commercial property to be ready for possible power outages. You can have a strong defense against them thanks to commercial generators. They're designed to keep your building powered during these events. If you're going to be installing one around your commercial property, remember these things.

Place on a Stable Base

It's a good idea to put the commercial generator on some type of stable base. This is important for several reasons, with one of them being the generator will be kept off the ground. Then it won't be as vulnerable as it would be if it was just left on the ground unprotected.

You also want to put your new or used commercial generator on a stable platform to help it run smoothly. If it was placed on uneven surface conditions, then there is a good chance the commercial generator is going to break down more regularly and require frequent tune-ups.

Consider Accessibility for Fuel Truck

If you have a large commercial generator — and you typically will — then the only way to refill it efficiently is to have a fuel truck come out. You want to think about how this is going to work before choosing a particular location for the installation site.

The generator needs to be in a location where there is enough room for the fuel truck to get near. Then refilling the commercial generator won't be that difficult. You may just need to help the fuel truck driver back up as close as possible to the commercial generator when refilling is appropriate. 

Think About Maintenance Accessibility, Too

In addition to thinking about the location of this commercial generator for fuel truck accessibility, you also need to consider this factor in terms of maintenance. The location needs to be perfect so that you can easily access every major part when inspecting, cleaning, or repairing. 

For instance, a location that's not too close to surrounding structures would be ideal. Then you and service technicians can walk around the generator with ease when it needs to be serviced or repaired. Keep looking around your work site until this type of location presents itself.

Having a commercial generator around your property ensures operations don't stop if the power suddenly goes out. You can look forward to user-friendly, reliable performance with this piece of equipment, too, if you take your time to get the generator's installation right. 

Contact a commercial generator installation service near you to learn more.