Tips To Eliminating Some Additional Charges From Your Moving Bill

If you're planning to move to a new home, choosing a professional moving company can make the process less stressful. Shopping around to get a mover with competitive rates can help you save money, but you also need to ask about additional charges that might be billed to you depending on the conditions surrounding your move. Here is a look at 3 additional charges you may incur during your move and possible ways to avoid them.

Elevator and flight charges

Some moving companies may charge you an elevator charge if they need to transport your household belongings in an elevator, either at your current home or your new residence. This charge usually applies due to the extra labor needed to load and unload an elevator as opposed to moving goods from your house directly to the truck.

To ensure that this charge doesn't get you by surprise, be sure to mention that an elevator will be part of the move when collecting estimates from moving companies. You might be able to find a mover who doesn't charge an elevator fee and save a bit of money on the move.

If the move involves carrying items up or down flights of stairs, you might want to inform your mover in advance to find out if you will have to pay a flight charge. If there is an elevator in your building that is large enough to transport your goods, a flight charge may not be applicable.

Auxiliary service charge

This is often an hourly charge for any delays or inconveniences during moving day. For instance, if your home isn't accessible to a large moving truck, the mover may be forced to first pack your goods into a smaller truck and then transfer them to the main truck.

Be sure to ask your mover about the appropriate distance from your home's entrance to their truck if you have accessibility concerns. You may avoid these charges by ensuring there is ample parking near your home on the day of the move or that nothing is blocking the moving truck's access to your residence.

Expedited service

Some movers usually charge a higher minimum rate if you want a guaranteed date of arrival. Unless you have to move abruptly and have no time to plan, you can avoid this charge by being flexible on the move in date. By packing a few essentials, you may be able to survive for a few days without most of your household belongings as your mover delivers. 

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