Hire A Live Answering Service To Help With Your Telethon

There are many listener supported radio stations who hold telethons to raise money to keep the radio station up and running. When these telethons are held, it is important to have people answering the phones morning, noon, and night in order to get as many donations as possible. Hiring a live answering service will ensure that every call is answered during this chaotic period. If you plan to run a telethon in the near future, use the following guide to learn a few key factors to give to the live answering service before the telethon starts.  

A Specific Format to Follow

When you hire a living answering service to answer the incoming calls during your telethon, you want to be sure that the operators know what to say to the people calling in donations. You want for things to go as quickly as possible so that as many people can get through the phone lines as possible.

Proper Paperwork to Fill Out

Provide the operators with paperwork that they fill out with specific information about each person who is donating money. The name of the credit card, the zip code for the billing address for the card, the expiration date, the credit card number, and the three digit card code verification, or CCV located on the back of the card. All of this information will be necessary in order for the cards to be run for the donation. Also, request that the operators get the address for each donator so that your company can send a letter of thanks for donating to your cause.

An Accurate Way to Track Totals

During the telethon, you want to be sure that you can let the public know where your totals stand when it comes to the donations. You need to provide the operators with an accurate way to track the total amount of donations they receive. You could have each operator track their totals and turn them in every thirty minutes to an hour to your in-house business manager so that you can provide an updated total to the listeners on a regular basis.

Running a telethon takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Hiring a professional live answering service, like Answer-All Secretarial Service Inc, will make the process easier, because the operators will have experience taking down information quickly and getting through as many phone calls as possible in the specific amount of time that you have available for the telethon.