Three Truck Rental Expenses You Can Usually Avoid

Moving can be expensive in general, but if you make certain mistakes during the moving process, you can end up with a much higher bill. Some of these expenses are easy to avoid, while others require that you plan your move to be more efficient.

1. Avoid Extra Features Like a Built-In GPS

There are many extra features that truck rental companies may be willing to provide, such as a GPS. These services can be convenient if you are traveling into a new territory, but if you have a cell phone, you can usually use this for a substitute for a GPS.

2. Make Sure Your Truck is Not Already Damaged

Inspect your truck thoroughly instead of simply driving off, eager to go on your trip. If there is anything wrong with your truck, you could be charged for it unless the truck rental company is previously aware of it. You may even get a new truck. Look for scratches and dents in locations that are not as obvious. In the interior, look for tears and stains.

3. Do Not Turn In Your Truck Rental Late

The moving process can be time-consuming and the sooner you get started, the better. If you are late returning the truck rental, you may be charged late fees or you may even be charged for an extra day. Before you consider moving, research truck rentals ahead of time and find out if there is a grace period in case you are late. Plan your trip for a non-peak season so you are less likely to be late returning your truck.

Packing your truck rental can be much more efficient if you have the right supplies and equipment, such as a dolly. Usually, you can purchase one from a truck rental company. Place heavy packages on the flat metal plate at the bottom, tilt the dolly back and wheel the package toward the moving truck. By using a dolly, you will be able to move more packages at once. This translates to faster moving times, making it less likely that you'll turn the truck in late.

Find out the dimensions of the moving truck ahead of time and measure the dimensions of all of your boxes so you can determine whether everything will fit easily. You will ideally want to leave enough space to have an aisle so that you have a place to stand when you are grabbing packages. If you discover that your moving truck will not have enough space to fit all of your belongings, you will know to find other accommodations or sell and donate your least important belongings.

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