Tips For Creating A Marie Antoinette-Inspired Room

Do you ever feel the urge the create a decor scheme inside of your home that's fit for a queen? Many gravitate towards Marie Antoinette-inspired decor themes. Whether you're decorating your entire home, or whether you'd like to start with a single room, you can apply the tips below to experience the look of decadent luxury: 

What Defines Marie Antoinette-Inspired Style? 

In the home decor and design industry, the proper term for this style is called King Louis XVISpecifically, King Louis XVI was married to Marie Antoinette, and their collective tastes in furnishings combined with their wealth created a style that is known for: 

  • gold and other types of metallic trimmings
  • pastel and other types of feminine colors
  • furnishing with refined curved accents and short legs
  • mirrors with ornate trim 
  • the heavy use of wreaths
  • floral patterns

In short, this is a design and decor scheme to create if you've always wanted to experience the look of unabashed luxury and pampering inside of your home. It's also a look to try if you're known to either have very playful or a very confident personality.

If you're an artist, then you might gravitate towards this style of home design, because it allows you to experiment with unconventional accents that fly in the face of conservative tastes. The interesting thing about adopting this sort of design scheme is that you can play with color hues and lights to veer towards a look that is either as refined or as garish as your sensibilities allow. 

What Items Should You Purchase To Create The Look? 

First, you'll need to decide how much of your home you're decorating in this style. If this is your first time trying out a King Louis XVI design scheme, then you might want to start out by decorating one room. This allows you to see how you feel as you enter the space, without spending large sums of money on a design scheme that makes you feel uncomfortable.

But, if nothing else, you'll need to buy antique lighting. No Marie Antoinette-inspired room is complete without hanging up an ornate chandelier. A good antique lighting dealer will help you to find a gilded chandelier that's outfitted with faux candles, and plenty of dripping crystals.  Then, outfit the space with a chaise lounge, pastel throw pillows, and a short-haired throw rug. As you gain confidence, you can hang mirrors, and add more objects to your walls and shelving space. 

A Marie Antoinette-inspired decor scheme is perfect if you're ready to feel like a regal yet playful queen inside of your home space.