Moving The Facts: Most Common Misconceptions About Professional Moving Companies

The date is circled on the calendar in bright red and you have already started to pack up your belongings. However, you have been avoiding making a call to the local moving company unless you absolutely have no choice. Unfortunately, it sounds like you have already allowed a few of the most common misconceptions to get the best of your better judgement.

As valuable as local movers are when you have to pack up your life and move it to a new location, it is easy to get the wrong idea and just try to go at it all alone. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about professional moving services:

Misconception: The movers will rush you to get everything moved as fast as possible.

Fact: Just because you have a moving company help you make the transition to a new place, it does not mean that the process will be rushed. However, there will be several hands to help and it is best to get everything ready and packed before these hands arrive. No one will rush you, and great care will be taken to ensure the tasks is appropriately carried out.

Misconception: Movers will always expect a huge tip when their services are complete.

Fact: The choice to tip the movers that provide you with service is one that is all your own. There is no set rule stating that you have to give a tip at all, and in some cases moving companies will have strict rules outlining that tips cannot be accepted.

Misconception: Professional movers will not take as great care when packing and loading your things as you would.

Fact: The items that are in those boxes and loaded onto the truck are important to you because they are your belongings. However, professional movers have an even bigger liability to take care of the items that are important to you. Anything damaged during the move will look bad on their part.

Furthermore, the company must provide insurance to keep your belongings covered during the move and no one will want to have to file a claim. Therefore, you can be willing to bet every box and piece of furniture will be handled with the utmost care.

As much as you would like to believe moving on your own is something you can handle without help, the fact is, moving can be one of the biggest jobs you ever face. Make sure you do not let common myths and misconceptions get in the way of you making a call to local movers for help well before that circled red date on the calendar.

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