Three Ways You Can Make Your Parents’ Time In An Assisted Living Facility Great

One of the challenges with having your parents live in an assisted living facility is that they no longer have a house and it's more challenging to visit them. Nevertheless, there are some things that you can do that will make visiting your parents a very positive experience.

Make sure your parents' room feels like home

Too many assisted living facility residents have rooms that feel cold, clinical, and sterile. While there are decor standards that every assisted living facility has, you can also add personal touches to their room. Bring in photographs of children and grandkids to put on the nightstand or dresser. Have your children create artwork for your parents that they can tape on the walls so that they feel that connection with all of their family. 

While each assisted living facility room comes with basic furnishings, don't hesitate to talk with the assisted living facility management to have them put some of their furniture in storage so you can bring in some of your parents'. By doing this, it will feel a lot more like home instead of like a facility.

Arrange to have parties in the common area

Every assisted living facility has a common area that is used for eating and recreation. While this area is reserved for all residents during meal times, you can often reserve the space for private parties and other events. This will give you a large enough area to bring the whole family together to celebrate special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, or Thanksgiving. Because of the high demand, you may want to celebrate these events on a different day to ensure that you can have the area to yourselves.

Take your parents on miniature vacations

Typically if your parents are in an assisted living facility, it will take a considerable effort to take them places. Nevertheless, doing it on occasion can make a very special event for your parents. You won't usually be able to take a trip where you have to spend the night in a hotel because of the additional effort that you will need to spend on your parents, but you can take a day trip and enjoy nature or go to a museum or other cultural event. This will help your parents to feel more connected with everyone else in addition to helping them not feel like they've been put out to pasture.

By doing these simple things you can make your parents' assisted living facility experience as good as living at home.